Commercial Development

The Tesco Cabra project involved the construction of a new commercial building on stilts over a basement in a congested city center shopping center site. The building was to be four stories tall and was located in close proximity to residential developments, public service buildings, a shopping center, and an M.S.L. Motors dealership. The project required the demolition of a two-story telephone exchange building, the excavation for a basement car park, and the construction of the new commercial building and associated site works and amenities. During the project, over 90% of the debris arising from the demolitions was recycled, truck movements were minimized by utilizing backloads for both delivering hardcore fill materials and removing debris, concrete was sourced from local suppliers to reduce travel distance, costs, and carbon footprint, and environmentally sustainable improvements were made through responsible recycling, sourcing of materials, management of dust, noise, and pollution, and driving down waste. The project was a winner in the "Innovation" category at the 2012 ACE1 (The Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland) awards
Contract Value
• €22 million
Project Duration
• 11 months
Precision Construction Limited project

Project Overview

• Navan Road, Cabra, Dublin 7
Works Complete
• November 2011


Construction of New Commercial Building on Stilts over basement in Congested City Centre Shopping Centre Site over 4 Floor sin Close proximity to Residential Developments, Public Service Buildings, Shopping Centre & M.S.L. Motors.

Featured Works

  • Demolition of a 2-storey telephone exchange building.
  • Excavation for basement car park.
  • Construction of a new Commercial Building onstilts & associated site works & amenities.

Added Value

  • We Recycled over 90% of the debris arising from demolitions.
  • Truck Movements were minimised by, backloads delivering hardcore fill materials &removing debris with each visit.
  • Concrete sourced from local suppliers, reducing travel distance, costs & carbon footprint.
  • Environmentally sustainable improvements were achieved by responsible recycling, sourcing of materials.
  • Concrete sourced from local suppliers, reducing travel distance, costs & carbon footprint.

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